Meet Our Staff

Gina Burke
President, Principal Hydrologist

Ms. Burke is the president of Jehn Water Consultants and has over 23 years experience as a hydrologist in Colorado.  Ms. Burke has managed and supervised numerous projects involving water resource planning.  Ms. Burke's expertise includes: ground water and surface water rights, hydrogeologic studies, ground water and surface water modeling, augmentation plans, replacement plans, substitute water supply plans, water storage analyses for firm yield supplies, water supply planning, and dewatering studies. Ms. Burke has extensive experience providing technical assistance for water rights applications and in water court cases including expert testimony in augmentation and ground water monitoring matters. Additional experience includes the valuations of surface and ground water rights, and water rights accounting.  Ms. Burke also has a great deal of modeling experience including the modeling of ground water and surface water systems, dewatering, and aquifer storage and recovery.  Ms. Burke also has experience in the design and construction management of ground water and monitoring wells.

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