Water Rights and Real Estate Transacations

Jehn Water Consultants is approved to present a DORA continuing education course for Colorado Real Estate Professionals.  This course provides 2 hours of continuing education credits for Real Estate Professionals.  In this course you will:

  • Understand how the Colorado Water Rights System works and the Role of the Real Estate Professional in providing advice to the Seller/Purchaser of the property regarding water rights.
  • Obtain an overview of water rights regulations and administration in Colorado.
  • Understand the legal and physical availability of water rights including surface water rights, and ground water rights.  Learn how surface water rights are obtained, used, transferred and changed for different uses.  Learn about  the Denver Basin water rights and Designated Basin water rights.  Learn how ground water rights in the Denver Basin are determined and how both surface and ground water rights are important to Real Estate Transactions.
  • Understand how Colorado Water Rights are appraised and when an appraisal may be important in a Real Estate Transaction.
  • We are committed to tailoring our classes based your specific needs and location in Colorado.  

We have individual and group rates for our classes. Courses are taught by James Jehn and Gina Burke. 

Please call Jim at 303-321-8335 (x302) for further information or email at jjehn@jehnwater.com
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