Water Supply Consulting Services
Aquifer Analyses

Jehn Water Consultants has evaluated countless aquifer pumping tests and slug tests from wells completed throughout Colorado, as well as other areas within the United States. These analyses include unconfined, confined, and semi-confined evaluations, in both unconsolidated and bedrock aquifers. Jehn Water Consultants also brings the knowledge to provide peer reviews of pump test data performed by other technologists. 
Pump and Motor Evaluations

Our staff at Jehn Water Consultants have over 65 combined years of experience in supervising the installation of pump and motor systems. We have extensive experience working with domestic, municipal and industrial wells. In-house software programs have been developed to evaluate aquifer conditions based on in-field testing. Our goal is to design systems for optimum performance. We assist in the completion of well pump and motor systems that typically last longer than the industry standard.

Well Rehabilitation

Jehn Water Consultants has supported numerous well rehabilitation projects. Each well rehabilitation is designed to specifically address the needs of that particular well. Whether contamination is caused by iron bacteria fouling or other microbial concerns, a strategically designed rehabilitation procedure can dramatically increase well production.

Sedalia Water and Sanitation District Video of a Well Rehabilitation Project

Aquifer Storage and Recovery

Conjunctive use involving aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) and water reuse is an important emerging technology in western states where increasing population demands have stressed existing water availability. Jehn Water Consultants has been in the forefront of designing water supply systems that allow for storage of water in aquifers along with the conjunctive use of available surface water sources. With increased population and development in areas that rely on ground water as a source of water, ASR management of ground water resources has become an increasingly attractive solution. Jehn Water Consultants has designed wells which allow for storage of water in an aquifer during times when water is plentiful and withdrawal of water from aquifer storage when needed (i.e., during drought or to meet peak demands). Water for storage can be obtained from renewable sources such as: surface water runoff, tributary water from streams and treated effluent.

We have experience with the installation of flow control valves into ground water wells which allows the pumping/recharging processes to occur in the same well with a submersible pump. The flow control valve is installed downhole in the drop pipe string just above the submersible pump. The injection flow rate can then be varied by the degree of packer inflation in the flow control valve.

Green Energy

Jehn Water Consultants provides expert services using solar powered pumps/motor systems as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach to creating water supply.  The higher initial cost of a solar pump/motor unit is often lower in the long run, than installing traditional power. The abundant sunshine in Colorado means that solar power is both a reliable and renewable power source for water users.  The decision to use a solar powered unit in a specific water system depends on the total dynamic head as well as the amount and timing of water demands.  When coupled with back up batteries, solar powered systems can provide a reliable water supply for many applications, even when local power supplies are unavailable.
Project Management - Well Design & Construction

We take an innovative approach toward managing water well design, construction, observation and testing. Oversight of water well design and construction are vital to the outcome of every project. Our staff prepares specifications for competitive bidding, supervises critical stages of drilling, construction, development, pump installation and testing of water wells.

We assign a technical project manager to oversee all aspects of each project to assure all projects are completed on time and within budget. We establish and maintain client and contractor relationships throughout the process of well construction and production. Our staff is highly trained to recognize and resolve hurdles that develop in the field. 

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